About the Artist

I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember, but more seriously since 2010.  I enjoy creating natural, organic pieces that flow around the canvas and surprise the viewer with unexpected color combinations.

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Artist Statement

I see my surroundings filled with emotions that correspond to a color, shape, and texture, often mixing my senses in an unconventional way. A sunny morning tastes like a tart, sweet Honeycrisp apple and vibrates like riding the back of a fat, hairy bumblebee. I use art to share my unique, sensual experiences and believe an intriguing photograph that elicits emotion, invites comment, or inspires thought is one step to an unforgettable painting.

Art Education

I’ve taken painting classes at Cordovan Art School and through the UT Informal program.

Most of what I’ve learned about painting has been through trial and error or from my wonderful colleague and gifted artist, Kathryn Yu.

I started taking pottery classes at Clayways Studio in 2013.